Founded in 1879, the objective of the Association is to maintain contact between Stonyhurst and its past, present and future pupils, their parents and families. To help in the promotion, advancement and support of education, the Roman Catholic religion and the relief of poverty, sickness and disability.

The Association supports these objectives through a variety of activities including:

  • The publication of a Newsletter both by post and more recently by email
  • Holding an Annual Dinner
  • Other social events held both in the UK and overseas
  • Promoting a number of charitable activities
  • Encouraging a variety of sporting events through the Wanderers teams
  • Maintaining a database of members
  • Providing Scholarships at Stonyhurst College—each year we give £30,000 for scholarships along with £1500 for prizes.
  • Grants to OS in higher education
  • Providing a benevolent fund for members in need