Available exclusively to OS and staff, a wedding at Stonyhurst College is truly unique and now possible.  Availability  is limited, but if you are considering Stonyhurst College as the venue for your wedding, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Events Team who will arrange a tour of the facilities and discuss availability. For more information please click here



Eleanor Lamb OS 10


Eleanor Lamb OS 10 married Taylor Walsh at St Peter’s Stonyhurst on the 12th August 2021. There were a number of OS attending including Eleanor’s brother, William Lamb OS 16 and Freddie Liddell OS 10 who was her bridesman.


Katie Victoria Harrison OS 09


Katie Victoria Harrison OS 09, married James Edward Holland on 19th  of June 2021. The ring bearer was certainly unusual as it was their three-legged dog, River, who Katie rescued through the registered dog rescue charity that she founded in 2020.

There were 3 OS 09 in attendance: Samantha Leach, Charlotte Leach and Alexander Dineen.



Natasha Pace OS 09

Natasha Pace OS 09 married Stefan Zammit on the 25th September 2021. OS present included Yasmin Grech OS 09 and Anthea Demajo OS 09.



Philippa D’Aquino OS 04


Philippa D’Aquino OS 04 married Michael Nash at St Peter’s Stonyhurst on the 13th of July 2021.


Matthias Beestermöller OS 08

Matthias Beestermöller OS 08 married Lena-Sophie Koenig on September 4th in Bavaria. Due to the Pandemic it was a very small but happy celebration, attended by close family and friends including Daniel Beestermöller OS 11.

Samuel Ma OS 10

Samuel Ma OS 10, was married to Mary, in Hong Kong on 12th January 2020. The groomsmen included Ian Or OS 11, Jason Kwok OS 10, Tony Lee OS 10, Hayman Chan OS 11 and Chen Tan OS 11.