The Stonyhurst Association’s members are Stonyhurst’s past pupils, their spouses and parents, past and current members of staff, and other friends – the Stonyhurst family. We want to help this family keep their connection with Stonyhurst throughout their lives, by keeping in touch in the following ways.

For our members

 We help you to maintain contact with and support the members of the Stonyhurst family by:

  • Arranging gatherings, reunions, sporting events and visits to the College
  • Keeping in touch through the database, the website, Stonyhurst Link and our Newsletters
  • Helping to put OS in touch with each other to gain career advice and opportunities
  • Providing student grants and travel and medical elective grants to OS whilst at university

 For the Church

We encourage members to continue to develop their faith and support of the Church by:

  • Encouraging the Stonyhurst family to participate in the joy of the Easter Retreat, the Lourdes and other pilgrimages that we arrange
  • Providing our families with a copy of the Association Prayer Book, and having our own Association Chaplain

For the College

 We can provide support for Stonyhurst now and participate in its future by:

  • Supporting the Stonyhurst Foundation, which enables more children to benefit from a Stonyhurst education through the provision of bursaries
  • Providing financial support where possible for prizes, scholarships and College projects
  • Working with the Foundation, Development and Admissions offices to help the College achieve its objectives
  • Promoting the College Collections

For the disadvantaged

To provide comfort and support for the disadvantaged, particularly those suffering from bereavement, poverty, sickness, mental or physical disability, through:

  • The annual Stonyhurst Lourdes pilgrimage
  • Supporting holidays for children with special needs
  • Promoting the Jesuit Refugee Service, Jesuit Missions and other Jesuit projects
  • Benevolent funds

The Stonyhurst Association is run by its officers, committee and Office Manager, through its office at the College, and is funded through subscriptions and investment income arising from gifts made over the years by members.

The Stonyhurst Association supports Stonyhurst and the Stonyhurst Foundation now and for the future. Three charities, one Stonyhurst family.