This Friday would usually see us gather in St Peter’s for the Mass of the St Omers Martyrs, a remembrance of the men who showed great strength of character, faithfulness to truth, and love of God. One of the great upsets of this year has been that we are unable to join together in this way. A great memory for many of us is the impromptu service held for Rhetoric last year before the first lockdown, a demonstration that the building and the community are central to what Stonyhurst is. Holy Mass is a time to worship God, to pray for forgiveness, and to be strengthened by Him.  Although not in the church building, we continue to need the community who are used to gathering there and the graces that come from Mass. We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to join us.
This is the link to the Mass on Friday at 3pm:   Holy Mass for the Martyrs of St Omers
The booklet for Mass can be downloaded here:   Saint Omers Martyrs Mass Booklet