The fourth in our webinar series. Professor Jonathan Tonge is Professor of Politics at Liverpool University. His research includes the politics of Northern Ireland, parties and elections and devolution in the UK, the politics, parties and elections in Scotland, Wales and England.

He has published 16 books and more than 50 articles on UK and Irish politics,  including examining the implications of Brexit for Northern Ireland.  Professor Tonge was Principal Investigator of the 2010 and 2015 ESRC Northern Ireland General Election surveys and has published studies of the last five UK general elections, the most recent (2010 and 2015) with Oxford University Press.

The webinar will take place by Zoom, on Tuesday 26th October 2021, at 6.00pm. Tim Livesey OS 77 will host the webinar. To register your interest in attending please click the link below. Following that you will receive the registration link a few days before the webinar which will enable you to join on the night.

Webinar – Professor Jonathan Tonge