31 people on their own individual journey, embarked upon this challenge sometimes for very personal and private reasons. This was a theme embraced right from the outset; it was not a race to Paris but an individual celebration of each person’s eight month undertaking to get to this point.

At the end of the challenge the  L2P24 group assembled one last time in Montmartre for a final celebratory meal together in Paris to mark the achievement and for each participant (including the wonderful support team) to individually receive the beautifully designed Stonyhurst L2P24 medal, designed by parents Danny Crossley and David Martin. We have purposely created one additional medal which will be donated to the Stonyhurst Association; without whose financial support and faith in this venture back in September last year, would have meant that this undertaking would not have even got off the ground.

As the Justgiving page closed the Stonyhurst L2P24 group of 31 riders have managed to raise an incredible £13,500 for our three Stonyhurst charities, double the original target. These are the Lourdes Pilgrimage, Xavier Project and the Stonyhurst Children’s Holiday Trust. We intentionally chose Stonyhurst charities as the backdrop to our fundraising campaign in light of the Stonyhurst 425 anniversary and each rider should look back with a sense of pride of achievement in being a Stonyhurst man or woman for others.

There will be a full article with photographs in the summer edition of the Association Newsletter.