Dr Michael Mellows OS 05 married Dr Patricia Car (Stonyhurst Gap Year student 05) at the Cathedral Church of St Carthage, Lismore, New South Wales, Australia on September 2nd 2016. Alexander Blott SJB 2000 was the best man and Rory Mellows OS 2008 and Ronan Mellows  OS 10 were ushers. The bidding prayers were read by Benedict Gogarty OS 05 and Flannan O’Mahony OS 05 and James O’Donnell  OS 05 was also present.


Brendan Knight OS 06 married  Harriet Fearson on the 17th September 2016 on her family farm in Lower Radley, just outside Oxford.  Freddie Gee, Jack Haynes, Ralph Parish and Julian Dineen, all OS 06 attended. Brendan’s brother Sean Knight OS 04  was one of the best men and his cousin Joe Knight OS 07  was also present.


Michael Fenton OS 04 was married on 22nd  October 2016 to Holly Farrow at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street, London.  The best man was Alastair Robertson  OS 04 and other OS 04 in attendance were Ailsa Robertson, Matthew Burke, Daniel Smalley, Christopher Moss, Joe Ansbro, Richard Hargreaves, Matthew Small and Timothy Fitzgerald. Nick Newton  OS 95, Luke Pryor OS 96, Willow Pryor OS 10 and Daniel O’Byrne  OS 95 also attended.


Joe Reed OS 11 and Chloe Wellington OS 11 were married on the 17th of December in St Peter’s Church, Stonyhurst.  OS in attendance were Samuel Reed OS 07, Phoebe Robertson OS 09, Hannah Phoenix  OS 11, Fabian Twist OS 11, Aileen Rice-Jones OS 11, Marcela Spamer OS 11, Anna-Louisa Lindberg OS 11, Carolina von Lowenstein OS10, Eva Hintschich OS 10 and Elizabeth Robinson OS 12.


Alexander Pinder OS 02 was married on the 10th December 2016 to Samila Hettiarachi at St Bartholomew the Great Church, in London. OS in attendance were Gregory Wood OS 07, Ola Alli OS 07, Hugo McMorran OS 07, Patrick Page OS 07 and Stefano Ghirardi OS 07 and his brother Richard Pinder OS 97.